Join the Recyclers!

If you’d like to join our ongoing efforts to ensure that those old cars coming off of the road are supported, and treated correctly when they hit your yard, please contact us to get an application!

Call Cheryl at 303-457-2119, or e-mail her at

There are many benefits of joining our association and many reasons we need honest and consistent auto recycling professionals with integrity to join us in our effort to be better business people and contributors to society.   Below are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Education and training seminars
  • Networking and co-op purchasing opportunities
  • Promote the image of the industry
  • Worker’s Compensation Dividend Program
  • “Members only” online salvage auctions
  • Referral hotline available across the front range
  • Full Support against harmful Regulations and Laws

We have pride in our members being professional, compliant, fair, and honest. We have a vested interest in a clean, safe, recycled environment and we support our members’ success by providing necessary resources, informative events, and networking opportunities to help you move forward.